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American Down & Feather Council

The American Down and Feather Council (ADFC), a section of the Home Fashion Products Association (HFPA), is a voluntary association of manufacturers of natural fill bedding products, as well as dealers, buyers, sellers and processors of feathers and down for use in home fashion products. The goal of the ADFC is to further the common interests of the down and feather products industry and to maintain and improve product quality.

The objective of the Labeling Compliance Program is to ensure that all natural fill bedding products sold in the U.S. are labeled correctly and that the quality of the products meets or exceeds the claims made on the label or packaging.

Where does down and feather come from?

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Consumer Information

These downloadable "Factzzz on down and feather" provide information on the health and wellness benefits of down and feather; its hypoallergenic qualities; and tips on how to buy down and feather bedding.

Down and Feather: Tips on Purchasing Down
Down and Feather: The Healthy Choice for Allergy Sufferers
Down and Feather: The Healthy Choice for Sweet Dreams


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